As a result of the destruction caused by earthquakes, civil war and Hurricane Mitch, there are over 10,000 children orphaned or abandoned in Nicaragua. Many of them live in garbage dumps or on the streets of Managua. Two years ago Pastor Jose Rocha, who was a political prisoner for 10 years in Nicaragua and then fled to Costa Rica, felt led by God to return to his homeland. There he began to develop CECRISDEFA, a Christian orphanage and school meeting the needs of these children.

During his time in Costa Rica, Pastor Rocha developed close friendships with Carlos Chacón and Otto Kladensky of Christ for the City, an organization with which MPPC has maintained a strong partnership.

This relationship blossomed into a new partnership between MPPC and CECRISDEFA. As a result of this new involvement of MPPC and other churches, CECRISDEFA now operates a daily feeding program for 100 children, a Christian elementary school (K-6) with 350 children attending, and a children’s shelter that will eventually house 48 street children.

Soon to be added to the CECRISDEFA complex are a secondary school (7-12) for another 350 children and a medical/dental facility. A church facility and trade school are planned as well. These changes are impacting and transforming the lives of children in Managua.