A very eventful day. We were off early this morning to another one of the great women’s centers—Hope House. Directed by Dr. Alona Zayakina, Hope House was one of the first Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers established in the Ukraine. The twenty women who are currently in residents are recovering from drug and other addictions and learning to trust Christ with their lives. The program that Dr Alona has developed is unique. It begins with focusing on Christ’s ability to provide support, focus and encouragement—before dealing with their addictions.

We learned that the women come from all parts of the Ukraine and that they must complete a daily program for two weeks in their local church before they can be accepted. The Hope House program is based on the need for strong personal discipline. The first four months of the two-year program is the hardest as the women are struggling to overcome their addictions and reestablish their relationship with the Lord and their new family. If the women are able to sustain their focus on Christ and recognize His ability to strengthen their resolve to succeed, they have a good chance of conquering their addiction.

Pastor (to be) Kim, Bennie, Fred and Bob spent the afternoon talking with the women and learning about their lives and sharing testimonies, showing pictures from the USA and praying for each other. We learned that many of them turned to some form of addiction because their lives lacked direction and the positive support of a loving family. Hope House is becoming that family. What a truly moving experience to be able to see and hear how God has changed their lives.

Dr. Rob, Dr. Alona and Darold spent most of the day with dental examinations and assisting the dental needs of the women. Tomorrow some of the women will go to the clinic for additional work. Nurse Sally and assistant Nurse Paige held their clinic and tended to the medical needs of the women with love, prayer and medications. Sally is becoming THE nurse practitioner.

As in past trips, we have been blessed with our interpreters, Ira, Olya, Natasha and Lena. Without their translations and a true love for God we would be lost. And speaking of lost, our “mister everything” Yuri, the Director for MSA, continues to provide masterful leadership and keeps us on task and schedule.

We look forward to see what God has in store for us as we spend the day at My Fathers House with 54 children. (Pray for us)

PS: For those who have been to Kiev, we have been here for three days and we have yet to go to McDonald’s—must be a new record.

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