This morning Sally, Fred, Darold, and Kim went to the Isolator unit at Myakovskova. The Isolator is where children are brought when they are first picked up by the militia from the streets. There were about 35 or so kids. They are all in one room with two rooms to sleep. They all have their heads shaved because of lice; it is hard to tell the boys from the girls. The room looked nice because a few months ago the Christian workers from Ezra International paid to have murals painted on the walls. These Christian workers, one missionary from Canada, Leanne and her interpreter Vera, work with the children every day doing crafts, games, and Bible lessons. Kim led a Bible lesson for the children with all the team participating in skits. At the end we gave the children the opportunity to put cards representing their sins and the hurt done to them on a wooden cross. We played a few games, including throwing balloons around a circle which they loved. Sally led them in a craft of making crosses with pipe cleaners and beads. We were then able briefly to see two of the groups we had seen Thursday and make the same craft with them.

Dr. Rob and Paige spent the day at the dental clinic.

Rick, Bennie and Bob (Gumby for the day) took off with Mykola to visit My Fathers House and to visit with Dr. Roman. Later, in a snowstorm, they went to see the men and women’s addiction center directed by Ilya.

In the afternoon, Kim and Sally went to the kids’ club with Veronica and the other MSA leaders. They had a great time playing and drawing with the kids including doing a craft with sequins and glitter glue to decorate frames and other creations out of popsicle sticks, a snow ball fight outside, and watching some of the older kids show off their break-dancing. The kids are all so happy and affectionate; the program is so great for them.

In the evening the team came back together for Dinner and for a time to reflect on the things we did for the day. It was a long week and everyone was glad to break early and head off to bed.

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