Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip
March 31 - April 14, 2000


Day 1

Travel to Kiev with a layover in Zurich

Day 2

Arrive in Kiev, Ukraine

Day 3

Serve our new friends in Kiev

Day 4

The Doctor is "In" Kiev

Day 5

The Day with the Children  Bonnie and Bailey  Natasha and Sasha meet the kids.

Day 6

Our work day within institutions

Day 7

A Day for Shopping and Sightseeing

Day 8

Worship in Kiev

Day 9

Another day with the kids

Day 10

Tears and Smiles - Sadness and Happiness

Day 11

Wednesday April 12 Leave Kiev to Zurich

Thursday, April 13 Debrief in Zurich: reflect on what God did IN us and THROUGH us

Friday, April 14 Return to USA

For more information about Pat's ministry in Kiev

You can follow our trip daily on the MPPC website. and look under the Mission Department link. We will (hopefully) be sending pictures home via email daily, so you can be there with us!
Mark your calendars! On Sunday April 30th at 12:15 in D-10, we invite you to join the team and hear the stories and see the sights of our Kiev, Ukraine mission experience.  Just in case you missed it, here are some pictures and some more pictures.
Street Kids "home"

Kiev team

Team Members: Peter Yorgin, Rob Cisneros, Erik Davenport, Bob Arrington
Bennie Ingraham, Doris Arrington, Sandy Aley, Tammy Davenport, Linda Jenks, Sally Marsh

Prayer Letter

last updated May 24 2000