Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 9

Hi all,
We apologize for not sending you our joys, excitements and tears for the day - we arrived back home very late last night and just fell into bed. No Russian today. We are sure that most of you have forgotten all of the Russian/Ukrainian we taught you. But you never know, we have all learned phrases and they may just appear. HA! Every time Dr. Eric learns a new phrase, he scribbles it down in his little journal. Dr. Rob talks in sentences and the rest of us utter words, appropriately or inappropriately. Maybe we will learn more Russian in our last 2 days of being in the Ukrainian.

Late last night we had our first typical STM (short term mission) experience. The electricity went off at Pat's apartment at midnight. But luckily, we had already sent yesterdays e-mail. Bennie was on the computer when it went pitch black. Bob and Pat had already gone to bed. Doris and Linda in the kitchen, were analyzing kids' artwork, in order to give the staff at Roman's and the state shelter input on the kids they had seen. Lights out did not stop Linda and Doris. They were FLEXIBLE! (Remember Gumby?) They just whipped out some Ukrainian candles and worked by candlelight. Talk about SFINKing!!! Bob got up and so did Pat, and went out to the circuit breaker in the apartment building's hallway. But couldn't figure it out. Well, let's give Bob a break. Do you think YOU could figure out a Ukrainian electrical system?

This morning bright and early, the team all came together at Pat's at 8:00am. The other half of the team came from Phillip's house where they are staying. We had team time together in the semi dark, because the electricity had still not come on. Our main man Uri solved the
problem. He called an electrician. 

Dr. Eric had a God given opportunity to perform minor surgery on the face of one of the street children at the Shelter. Both Eric and the young man were blessed because the young man will look normal once again.

Linda and Sandy headed out to the women's addiction center where they met with women who had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 5 to 16 years. The miracles these women had experienced were an incredible display of the power of God. We talked about the emptiness that we all feel that can only be filled by the love of God. Linda will be working on a partnership agreement for support of this aspect of the ministry when she returns.

Doris and Pat spent the day at "My Father's House". It should encourage all of you to know that MPPC has contributed toward the purchase of this home where transformation is so clearly taking place in these Ukrainian children. These children who's lives have been about survival on the streets can truly feel safe and experience the love of God. The change that you can see in these children after they have been at "My Fathers House" for a short period of time is truly "a God thing."

During the morning Sally, Peter and Eric finished seeing children at the hospital clinic and headed to Hedrow Park for the program with the street children. Today's lesson was Jesus healing the blind man. The kids memorized a bible verse every day. We write on a big sheet of paper and hold it in front of them. Today's verse was I Peter 2:9. Rob and Tammy were able to join us. They loved it and so did the team. Rob got to play Jesus and Bob played the blind man in the skit. The kids were able to be involved in the Hokie Pokie and to sing songs with Victor (Hedrow Park ministry volunteer). The balloons we brought were a big hit with the kids. We made balloon hats, swords and dogs. We had a ball.

After the park we gathered at Patricia's to begin the process of sorting through the 13 boxes of medical supplies to be organized for Dr. Roman's clinic at "My Fathers House". On Tuesday we will be going out to the house and organize the clinic. We are excited about this opportunity to provide this clinic for the children.

We went back to the men's addiction recovery program last night. After an hour drive out into the woods north of Kiev we came to a small village in a clearing. Iliya, the Director of the men's addiction recovery program, led the way down a dirt path to a small home with an outside well and a wood-burning heating system. We were greeted by 8 men, each of whom had stories of horror and pain related to the destruction of their families by drug and alcohol addiction. We heard how each had come to know Jesus and how their lives had been transformed. Their love of Christ was evident in their eyes. We returned to the "First Choice" house, where men just out of prison take their first steps in the faith. Docs and Leana treated several men with significant medical problems. Lena is an outstanding translator who loves being with the team. We are amazed how God is able to reach and change the lives of people in such remote and distant places. Both the men at the addiction and our team clearly felt love towards each other, even though we all come from such different backgrounds. We were deeply moved by their request to pray for US.

Please continue to pray for us as we conclude our Kiev 2000 mission trip.

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