Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 8

Hi everyone
. . Oops... We got carried away! HA!

You saw in our Saturday report the picture of Bennie, Sandy and Linda at the mirror putting on makeup. It is usually those three plus Pat and Doris. Well that is what Bob has to put up with every morning so we gave him the coveted Gumby (for being the most flexible team member) award for the day.

Believe it or not, the dental clinic was closed (Sunday)! So that means that Dental Assistant Tammy and Dr. Rob have been with us all day long. The day began with team time at 8:30am. We sang worship songs in lieu of missing our MPPC worship today. Of course it wasn't quite the same. Erik is no Doug Lawrence! We talked about the body of Christ and how each member with his or her own unique gift contribute to our vital functioning team. And how you all are a part of it as well since you are daily following us with your prayers.

Since Dr. Rob and Tammy missed our shopping excursion yesterday, we accompanied them to the Bazaar today. They quickly learned the art of wheeling and dealing from our very own Uri. The rest of us spent a few dollars also. Fun was had by all, and don't worry, there are still a few more Matroishka Dolls left in Kiev...

We worshipped at Pastor Phillip's church this afternoon starting at 2:30 for the 3 hour service, including communion. What a wonderful time in the Lord. You just felted His presences. We are all anxious for the next team trip to Kiev because Phillips' congregation will be in their new building. All of us are grateful to Phillip and his congregation for the team invitation to come to Kiev and help the Kiev staff. Their dedicated work, prayers and planning has made it possible for us to do our work.

After church, the team and Uri, Pat, Leana and Veronica came back to Pat's apartment for an evening of fun, songs, prayer and support for one another. Peter, Bob, Sandy and Tammy (yes Tammy) prepared the meal including brownies for dessert. Our Ukrainian brother and sisters surprised us with a very beautiful Ukrainian tea service that many of you will be able to enjoy as well as being able to meet the TEAM and hear about Kiev 2000 on Sunday, April 30 at 12:15pm in Bldg D11. Mark your calendars.

Continue to pray for our efforts to complete our work here in Kiev as we need to see the remaining 17 children at "My Fathers House" and set up the clinic, continue the daily program at Hedrow Park, and try to see as many children at the dental and medical clinic.

Blessings to each of you as you continue to support us with your prayers.

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last updated Apr 9, 2000