Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 7

Hello to everyone back in the good old USA: 

Today was a play day for everyone except Dr. Rob and Tammy. But before you feel completely sorry for them they did join us at McDonalds' for lunch and then stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon. 

So lets start from the beginning. The morning was spent shopping in the cold and almost snowing weather at St James Square. We bought eggs (the decorated kind made so famous by the Ukrainians), bracelets, a chess set, Russian watches, dolls, water color painted pictures and a bunch of other tacky souvenirs that some of you may get for your birthday or Christmas. After Uri bargained and helped us spend most of our money on Ukrainian curios, we went to lunch at McDonalds. A Big Mac never tasted so good... Yum! 

With all the team intact we drove to the Afghanistan Museum for a quick look see and then on to the War Museum under the Statue of the Great Mother Russia (taller than the Statue of Liberty by design). This is one of the most graphic depictions of mass human destruction from WWII. Certainly an eye opener as to how the Germans brutally killed both Jews and Christians in their effort to eliminate the Ukrainian people. 

To complete our shopping spree for the day we went to a Bazaar to buy fur hats and look at what and how the food looked and smelled before we found it on our table. Peter and Bob are in charge of the Sunday evening meal and needed to find the right ingredients - who knows what it will taste like. 

Dinner was at Uncle Sams, one the many American Pectopah (restaurant to those who are still mono-lingual) in the Kiev area. To top off the evening, we were serenaded by a Cuban Ukrainian Trio that sang to a Latin beat. Pastor Phillip, one of our hosts, even joined in on one Spanish song with an Oklahoma accent. This was the restaurant's Brazilian Night. Go figure...  

A friendly warning for those sending e-mails to us. Since we are a team we read each e-mail regardless of the content and we must say some of them get a little steamy (HA). But we love them, so keep those e-mails coming in. We entertain you with our pictures, you entertain us with your emails. 

After the first week of intense work with the children at the "My Fathers House", the work done by Drs. Rob, Erik and Peter and the daily work with the children at the Park, the night runs to feed the street kids, the time at the state shelter and the Women's Addiction Center today was a wonderful break and we thank God for a opportunity to enjoy the beauty and culture of Kiev and the fellowship of the team. 

Thanks for your prayers. Keep 'em coming! 
We love you all. 

The Kiev Team 

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last updated Apr 8, 2000