Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 5

Hello from Kiev,

To start off last evening, several of the team (Erik, Rob, Bob, Tammy, Sandy) attended a meeting at the men's addiction center. It was a joy to meet and hear the stories of these men who have come from such tragic background. They have backgrounds of hard core drug addiction, crime, and/or homelessness. Their testimonies were powerful; they are so passionate about their faith. Everyone was touched. Dr. Erik was able to examine some of the men who had some major problems. With the cases he saw, he felt like he was back in the ER.

Today's morning started with a very meaningful "team time."  We were able to talk about our feelings of being used here by God. Great prayer time!! We ALL headed off to Headrow Park for the feeding of the street kids. Our program was the Natasha and Sasha (puppets) with a story of being lost.  This tied in to our Bible story of the Lost Sheep and Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Our team acted the Lost Sheep story out.  The doctors left their medical professions for a couple of hours and became thespians. (They probably shouldn't quit their day job...) But it was a great performance that the kids loved! Wouldn't you love seeing us all with socks hanging off our ears, saying BAAA, BAAA? Dr. Peter was the Good Shepherd, Nurse Sally, Bennie, and Sandy the good sheep, and Dr. Erik was the 100th sheep that was lost, but found. By special request by the children, we sang another round of "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes". The children that attended today were some of the most heart wrenching yet. There were quite a few boys, and so many of them were so hungry and dirty.  They literally looked as if they had been living underground. One child was just shoveling the food in like he had not eaten in a very long time; and then went back for more.  The one girl that we had seen on the night run a few days ago who told us how hopeless her life is, was there for the entire time today. She (Tonya) is that lost sheep. We all know that God will keep searching for her until He finds her.

We left Headrow Park, and went to a state shelter.  This is a shelter where street kids who are picked up by the Militia (police) are taken. They are usually there for a year or so. The doctors went back to their day job and examined several of the kids.  Dr. Doris and team (Linda) did some art therapy. The conclusion made was that most if not all the children were very depressed.  Sandy and Bennie entertained the kids while they were waiting to be examined by the doctors. Lots of coloring pages, picture taking, "duck, duck, goose" and swinging the kids around.

We all came home after an emotional day to a wonderful "American" meal of spaghetti and french bread, made by our wonderful team chef, "Handyman Bob" who is truly "handy" in the kitchen, also!! It was delicious!!

The team has headed off to their respective places of rest, and we are ready for a night of good rest.

God is so good. He continues to bless us and the ministry here. Our hearts are being broken by these children, and their seemingly hopeless situations. All we can do is love them with the love of Jesus that has been lavished upon us.

Thanks for your prayers.

The Kiev Team

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last updated Apr 6, 2000