Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 4

Hi there from the Ukraine,

Some of us (Rob, Erik, Sally, Peter and Bennie) ended last evening with a "night run" which is when the MPPC van takes food out to remote locations around the city where the children live underground, or in the forest. The van stops, and Uri (director of program) goes out to alert to kids that the van is here. The kids start surfacing 1-2 at a time and they are given food, fruit, and something to drink. Uri and his staff have an on-going relationship with the kids. They are invited to Headrow Park (where the gospel is presented daily, and they are fed). The last stop was where the children were living underground. A couple of the kids took us to look down the holes where they live. A sobering experience to say the least... A conversation was had with a 14 year old girl who told us that she has lost all hope. Her parents beat her, and she ran away and now lives underground. She sniffs glue to ease her pain. Elana (Ukrainian staff worker) was able to talk to her and gave her testimony about coming from an abusive home and how God has transformed her life, and how He can do the same for her. It was an emotional evening for us all.

Today was a wonderful day! The weather was spectacular. We were all hot in our winter clothing, shed that and changed to our t-shirts. We even had the windows open in the van with the lovely Ukrainian breeze blowing in our faces.

Dr. Rob and nurse Tamara (Tammy) started working in the dental room bright and early at 8:00am. The children from "Our Father's House" were so well behaved, and to think some of them have never even been to a dentist before. None of the kids even cried.  The children are given gifts of dental floss and toothpaste as they leave. This is really a treat! U.S. toothpaste tastes so good to them that they have even been known to put it on their cakes! (Go figure...)

Dr. Erik had the privilege of lecturing to about 50 doctors at the hospital today on 2 different occasions. The first lecture was on "Burn Management, and then had the opportunity to tour the critical burn center with 3 other doctors. The second lecture was on Trauma Induced Multi-Organ Failure. Sounds very involved, BUT he is an Emergency Physician. He said it was the highlight of his ministry so far. 

Dr Peter and nurse Sally, gave physical exams to 12 more children from "My Father's House". They are so gentle and loving with the children. If the children seem a bit fearful, they try to ease their fears through the use of puppets. All of the doctors have a personal translator that helps in all conversations with the children. There is also a translator that is making up the chart on each child. They diagnosed a couple of major medical conditions, which will require immediate attention. They will be making recommendations to Dr. Roman (director of My Father's House) on their treatment. 

Sandy, Linda and Bennie went back to Headrow Park at noon and put on a program for about 20 street kids. A couple from a Ukraine church brought their electronic keyboard, and we all sang some songs. OK, WE didn't sing the songs since they were in Ukrainian, but we at least clapped! Then we put on a puppet show. It was the Ukrainian version of Bonnie and Bailey (from MPPC children's program.) Only it was Natasha and Sasha! The Bible story of the Good Samaritan was acted out. Sang "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and then all the children were fed a healthy meal. 

Dr. Doris and Handyman Bob worked again at the orphanage. More art therapy with the older children building their own island (with a church and no TV). Bob took pictures of the construction and planned a fence for those who have been to Kiev know is a big deal. 

Tonight several of the team have gone to the men's rehabilitation center. More on that tomorrow...

Thanks for all your prayers.

Blessings to you all,
The Kiev Team

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