Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 3

Greetings to our dear love ones in the United States

Day 3 was the first real day for the Team - the Doctors, Dentist and Psychologists doing their usual loving and professional craft and the wonderful interpreters who made each of our jobs easier. 

At "My Fathers House" Dr. Doris and Linda spent the day with 20 beautiful children doing art, scribble chases and funny faces. The art was wonderful and revealing of their tragic lives. Bob spent some time working with the construction crew laying floor molding, etc.

Dr. Rob, after consultation with the hospital and arranging for some last minute dental supplies, began early this morning working on some of the children from "My Fathers House", Assisted by Tammy (Tamara as she is known in the Ukraine), they drilled, filled, cleaned and pulled teeth. After a dental experience with Rob and Tammy the children left with better teeth and gifts of costume jewelry and sugar free gum. Afterwards, the children received comprehensive exams by Drs. Peter and Erik, assisted by Nurse Sally who added her love, kindness and professionalism to the team. They even gave an impromptu puppet show for the children.

Bennie and Sandy spent their day with street kids in the park. When they arrived the kids were sitting at tables drawing with some of Patricia's volunteers. The volunteers put on a puppet show about the meaning of Easter - the kids loved it. Afterwards, the kids were fed beef, manka and cole slaw. The kids were adorable and just hungered for some kind of love and affection.

Each of us have been blessed by our experiences today and look forward to what God has for us in Day 4. Your prayers for the work here will give  Patricia and all her dedicated volunteers, Dr. Roman and his work at "My Fathers House" and the physicians at the hospital the strength to carry on their good work in the name of our Lord.

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last updated Apr 4, 2000