Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 10

Good Morning from Kiev

Our last full day in Kiev was a wonderful day full of lots of emotions. We knew there would be lots of goodbyes to the people we have come to love. We were all a bit tired going into the day because of the lack of sleep, but we started our day with lots of prayer asking God to help us "finish strong".

Most of the team departed early to go to "My Fathers House" to work with Dr. Roman in a number of ways. On the journey to the orphanage, Sally started not feeling well. We pulled over at a Ukrainian gas station with a Ukrainian restroom. When you see Sally, ask her about going behind the green door. It is quite a hoot! Drs. Eric and Peter, Nurse Sally and Bennie (although Mother Bennie did help Doris and Linda and take a zillion photos) spent the day setting up the medical clinic, sorting the boxes and boxes of medical supplies donated by MPPC, many of our dear friends and pharmaceutical companies. Their task was not easy because they had to sort by product, translate the product and dosages into Russian. Then the sheets had to be taped on about 50 bins that had been purchased for the clinic organization. Without our wonderful translators this could never have happened. Since Roman is a doctor by profession, we are leaving all of the medical supplies in good hands. (Note the picture of Dr. Peter and Roman reviewing the inventory. He could not have been more appreciative. Dr Doris and Linda spent the day with the teachers and counselors, providing them with their assessments of the children that they have been working with and showing them how to work with the children, especially in the area of expression of feelings and emotions through the use of art.

Dr. Rob and Tammy spent most of the day providing as much dental work on the street kids. These were kids that are regular attendees at Hedrow Park. Clean teeth was a new concept for most of those kids. Most of them had never ever seen a dentist before. But to see the difference was amazing. What a difference and blessing this team has given to more than 70 children that otherwise would not be able to have dental care. 

Lunch for the children at Hedrow Park turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. When Sandy, Pat and Bob arrived with Yuri and Patricia's staff we were greeted by just a handful - our hearts dropped. But God in his great power must have sent out the word and before we had setup we had 25 kids. Our Bible story skit for the day was about Zacchaeus. Big Bob was the sycamore tree. Everyone participated including one of the volunteers. We even played musical chairs, had fun, served them a meal, and just loved them and gave lots and lots of hugs. This ministry provides physical as well as spiritual nourishment for these little lost sheep. We developed special relationships with several of these kids. One of the highlights of the afternoon was a Polaroid camera. These kids were so excited to have a picture of themselves It was a moving experience to see their hunger for a picture and most of the time they wanted to have a friend in the picture with them. Some of them wanted to show their clean teeth with a great big smile.

Last night, Phillip and his staff hosted us (20 people in all) to a Ukrainian pizza feast at his apartment. We ate and ate and ate, laughed and sang until we cried! After all the laughter, our team had an opportunity to affirm our hosts and interpreters. We gave them small gifts and then our team laid hands on them and prayed for them. We have all caught their vision of the ministry in the Ukraine. And we are so eager to tell you all, our family and friends back home about it! God is doing a mighty work here in the Ukraine!

Since this update will be our last, we wanted to give thanks to God for the opportunities and challenges that we have experienced in the past 10 days. We also want thank each of you for your prayers, love and support. Believe us we felt it all. Thanks go to those who contributed medical supplies; those who gave us gifts and presents to give to the children. Susan, the many gifts that your class at Hillside donated, allowed Dr. Rob the opportunity to work on the children's teeth because they knew they would get a gift. And thanks to Amanda and Courtney for their gifts from their classes at Engelwood, and Oak Knoll. The kids eyes lit up like Christmas lights for small toys and jewelry. Thank you all.

Our sincere thanks to Patricia Schroder, her staff at Mission Support Agency for all her loving guidance and direction, her time and her apartment to house part of the team. What a woman of God. Much of the work here in Kiev is because God given her a vision for this ministry and she responded in a mighty way. Thanks also to Dr. Roman and his vision for "My Fathers House" - if only each of you could see the heart and compassion this man has for "his children"; to Iliya and his work with the Men's Addiction Center. This man truly loves the outcast and sees how God is changing their lives. You have seen some the pictures of the men grateful to be away from their awful addictions. Thanks to Alona and her work at the Women's Addiction Center. The purchase of their new home (with the financial help from MPPC) occurred while we were here. Our prayers and support go with her as she prepares the new center.

Des Vodanya

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