Kiev 2000 Short-Term Mission Trip - Day 1

Friday, March 31 Travel to Kiev with a layover in Zurich on April 1

We got here safe and sound. At least all of us but 1. One person had her passport fall out of her purse at the restaurant in SF and didn't know it was missing till we tried to get thru customs in Zurich. But long story short, we found that the passport was still in SF in lost and found and got it on the next Swiss Air flight. She had to stay in Zurich for a nite, but will be here tomorrow. 

We got thru customs great. Only had to open one box, and it had mostly clothes and toys in it. God was really there, of course. We were a bit nervous, but we got in ok. Tonight we went to a Mexican restaurant (like El Torito meets Kiev), came back to Pat's and repacked the boxes. Split them up by orphanage, hospital, etc.

We are all pooped and ready for bed. will meet Dr. Roman tomorrow and go over to the orphanage.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. God is Faithful!

The Kiev Team

Group shot about to go through baggage inspection at SFO
Packed boxes at Pat's
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last updated April 2, 2000