Day 3
Morning devotions took longer today--everyone had so many reflections about yesterday that they wanted to share. Some team members said they didn't sleep well because they were turning over in their minds all the previous day's events.

We arrived at the colonia only to find it lost in a cloud of swirling dust. Fortunately most of our work was indoors today. A hardy team painted the exterior while another group placed insulation inside. In the bus, a third group did crafts with the children. Those team members reported that the highlight was having the children read the Easter story aloud. Last night, several team members assembled Easter baskets with pens, candy, harmonicas, small stuffed animals, stickers and other goodies. They presented these to the children today.

After lunch, the local pastor presented the keys to the family--Arturo, Rosa, and their two children. (Usually this ceremony happens at the very end of the day, but we made it earlier so that Ed Bullis, our partner from Mission Ministries, could be there.) Then it was on to putting up sheetrock. We left at three, with only tape and mud to be added to the walls. 

Tonight we will visit the church which has been the contact point for all the people needing houses. We've been practicing our songs in Spanish, and they're not too bad! 


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