Day 2
After morning devotions, we had a grand breakfast--"fit for kings and queens," some of us commented. A 30-minute bus ride took us to the colonia where we would be building the house. In dry, dusty fields a small collection of shacks and slightly sturdier structures huddle together, bracing against the desert winds. The only vegetation is scrub brush; debris and rusting car frames are everywhere. 

A perfect slab of cement awaited a structure to rest atop it, and in a few minutes--after meeting the family that will occupy the house in just a few days--we were at work. One group built the roof frame in a field across the road. Another assembled the walls. Before lunch, we had raised all walls and put on siding.

Lunch brought a welcome rest. Afterwards, we brought the roof frames over and placed them on top of the walls. About this time, a group of kids assembled for crafts, puppets, songs, Polaroid photographs (their favorite item), and Easter-related coloring pages and stories.

The roofing went quickly. In fact, we sensed God's timing as the last nails were pounded into the roofing just as the fiercest, dustiest winds kicked up. Needless to say, the bus ride home saw a few naps.

Now we're off to dinner at a restaurant just down the street from the hotel. Tomorrow we'll return to the site and finish the job. That will be a great feeling--for us, and the new family.


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