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Greetings from Indonesia,

Our team had been blessed with so many things while we are here. The trip started with the graduation ceremony at UKRIM (Universitas Kristen Imanuel) where Rick was the guest speaker and Chuck opened the ceremony with prayers. This week is the orientation week of the new students at ETSI. We attended their opening ceremony, chapel services in the morning and seminars in the afternoon.

At every single event Pastor Rick preached or presented seminars to the students. Our team members also took turns in sharing our testimonies. There are 113 new students from all over Indonesia. It's so amazing to think that all of these new students will one day plant churches all over Indonesia (church planting is a requirement to graduate from ETSI). One thing that really stood out during the services and seminars is the worship. They really can sing! We always got reenergized every time we went to these events.

The team also presented our seminars and fellowship at the University (UKRIM). We enjoyed the fellowship with the professors from each departments. Despite our anxiouness during the seminar preparation, God really blessed us in delivering the seminars. Last Sunday we visited a small beautiful church in a village called Blabak, Magelang. The village was surrounded by beautiful plantations and rice fields. We were accompanied by Pastor Noor who planted this church while he was a student at ETSI. There were about 50 people who came to this tiny church that day, and yet when they started singing it sounded like there were 100 people in the room. Rick preached and all team members shared our testimonies. It was a very beautiful service, and everybody was so warm and welcoming. We felt such great joy to be able to worship with them and to see their faith and dedication to the Lord. Most of their members have to walk through clifts and muddy creek to get to the church.
Tomorrow is our last day in Jogja and we will leave for Jakarta on Thursday.

Prayer request:
1. Praise God for the beautiful little village church, the new students at ETSI and for having such a great team.

2. Dr. Chris Marantika (the founder of ETSI) was attending the Parliament meeting in Jakarta yesterday to lobby against the proposal to put the Syariat Islam (moslem law) as part of the the constitution. If this proposal is approved, Indonesia will officially become a moslem country. So far the proposal is only supported by a minority portion of the parliament. Please pray for Indonesia and so that this proposal will be rejected.

3. Pray for Rick for strength as he needs to preach at the chapel service in the morning and present a seminar tomorrow night.

4. Pray for our future trip in Jakarta, so that we will be able to get to know ETSI Jakarta and build a strong partnership in the future.

5. Pray for health and good rest for the team.

Puji Tuhan.
Indonesia team