Ethiopia Initiative Vision Trip
January 28 – February 8, 2005


Welcome to the Vision Trip website. This will chronicle our activities as we meet ministry partners and get a better understanding of what God is doing in this great country.

From Sunday to Wednesday we will have most of our experiences together, hearing from ministry leaders who can give our group the big picture of Ethiopian church and mission activity.

Thursday and Friday the team will divide up to go deeper in several of our focus areas such as relief, orphans and street children, leadership development, business development and micro-enterprise development, medical and women’s issues. We’ll also keep an eye out for other short-term mission and prayer opportunities for our MPPC family.

On Saturday and Sunday we will check out some of the fascinating history of Ethiopia as we explore the ancient stone churches of Lalibela. We will use time in the evenings to debrief our experience.

Monday February 7 is a day for last meetings and wrapping up details before beginning our trip home.

The team members are either members of the Ethiopian Initiative leadership team or of the MPPC staff leadership team.

Meritt Sawyer, Don Phillips, Tracy Scandlyn, Beth Kawasaki, Katie Findlay, Kathy Welsh, Alissa Shook, Kim Taylor, Christine Wu, Michael Dittmar, Grant Kim, Rick Langeloh, Dan Clendenin, Susan Clarke, John Ortberg, Doug Ferguson, JD Ward, Bennie Ingraham

Check back often to read our updates and see our pictures and don’t forget to pray for us, too.

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