Day 9 in Costa Rica
Ps. 23:5 "You anoint my head with oil, my cup over flows."

Saturday - Our last night in Costa Rica, we take the time to tell each team member what theirPeter, Diane, Stacey and Bridget debriefing contribution has meant to us. First off, Frank Marsh gets our MVP award - a Costa Rica T-Shirt with the national slogan, "Pura Vida." Amazing - how each person on the team brought a gift to the table that we needed at one key time or another, and how weak we would've been without them. We're supposed to spend 2 minutes each on this - Ha.

What did we see? In our short week we got a little taste of heaven, and a peak into the horrors of hell. We will not be the same. We come home with hopeful hearts, though, because we got to see how God's light shines in the darkness, and that the darkness does not overcome it (John 1:5).

God's beautiful sunset in Costa Rica