Day 1 in Costa Rica
Ps. 17:5 "My steps have held to your path, my feet have not slipped"
The entire team found its way to the airport by about 9am and managed to day01pic01 squeeze in a group prayer in the midst of a very busy airport. The Griego team,  Mike and son Brian enjoyed the personal transportation assistance and send off by Debbie. 

day01pic02 This team has a good many serious-minded participants. The traditional airport departure picture  was followed by a request for us all to show the more lighthearted sides of our personalities.  Not much difference, but then remember that it was early in the morning. day01pic03

We arrived without incident. All our connections were timed perfectly and not a soul lost a bag. We all said a little prayer when Pete took the nicely wrapped, but fairly enormous, computer box through customs. Duty charges can be quite high in Costa Rica, depending on what the officer thinks you may be intending to do with the item. Pete simply mentioned that it was to be a gift, and he was waved through without any further inspection. Whew! It's too bad we didn't think to take a picture of the relief on Pete's face when he emerged from the customs gate! 

We were met at the airport by Lori and Amanda and a bus. Again, a perfectly smooth drive through the city for about 45 minutes took us to a beautiful seminary at the north edge of the city of San Jose. Snacks awaited us, although by now it was approaching 10:30 at night. As important part of keeping missionaries happy abroad is to meet their unexpected needs. We gave a lot of thought about what day01pic04 we could bring to Amanda and decided that nothing would do but the surprise delivery of a flood of her favorite (but unavailable in Costa Rica) beverage, Dr. Pepper. We managed to capture her excitement here with just a few of these treasures laid out at her feet in a late night arrival and gift giving ceremony. These were just a few of the almost 50 pounds of Dr.Pepper that John Duggins managed to fit into one suitcase, along with the gift of a laptop computer for our host mission, Renacer. We turned in exhausted at our nicely appointed bunk-bedded room at a seminary in San Jose.