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Project Antioch

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Costa Rica 98

Team Preparation

May 9th, 1998 - Meeting #1

We got to know who was going and what each was expecting.  Cold showers? I thought this was a vacation.

The team will be participating in:


June 1, 1998 - Meeting #2

Jeanne gave an excellent report about the Ministry going on in Costa Rica by Latin American Missions (LAM) and Christ for the City.

The Mime training left everyone speechless. Even Mike lost his heart.

2nd meeting


June 8, 1998 - Meeting #3

Sheri gave a stirring report about the volcanoes in Costa Rica.

Christl described the economy of Costa Rica

Mime Practice

Stoney Heart Mime Stoney heart mime (2nd try)

"Be aware of who you give your heart to."  (Bennie won a mime Oscar for her role.)


No Tocar (Do Not Touch)

"I am stuck on a bad sin and a bad sin is stuck on me. Help!"

Children's Ministry Team meeting June 15th

Children's Ministry Team

A typical day's schedule

When do we eat?

We need crafts for 4 days for about 150 kids each day.  Each day the kids will make one or two crafts.  On the night of the last day will be a craft expo.   The kids will bring their parents to see what they have made.  

June 22, 1998 - Meeting #4

4th meeting

Unfortunately we found out Mike will not be able to go. We will just have to paint without him.  Oh, I know how to use MS paint.

Rick gave a historical report about the History of Costa Rica.   Karen told us about the people and culture in Costa Rica.

Jeane start giving her testimony in Spanish!   Bueno!   (I did not understand a word.  But now we can understand how someone else feels. Maybe we need to just "Look, Listen and Learn."   So as Otto would says just "SFINC". 

We did not practice Mimes. At least if we did, I did not hear them.

La Biblia completa - Espaņol   (Just in case you need a Bible verse translated.   You can still enter the passage in English.)

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