Costa Rica '98

Friday, July 10, 1998

Psalm 8

Daily Schedule
8:00 arrive at daycare center
8:30 kids' devotional
9:00 work
12:30 lunch
1:00 farewell to leave for debrief site

j10benie.jpg (18267 bytes)

Bernie Bennie and friends.

j10ceasr.jpg (15940 bytes)

Caesar sings along with the children. (And he'd said he couldn't relate to kids!)

j10boy.jpg (13916 bytes)

Remember to pray for the children and their parents.

j10girl.jpg (12255 bytes)

You can see the love in her face.

j10jean.jpg (15249 bytes)

Delroy with his new friend, Jeane.

j10paint.jpg (19668 bytes)

Eric pushed us hard to finish painting the wall.

j10wall.jpg (19714 bytes)

And we finished!

j10shirt.jpg (20685 bytes)

The kids really enjoyed the shirts they made earlier in the week.

j10amigo.jpg (13559 bytes)

The song the kids sang for us.

j10leave.jpg (27355 bytes)

Adios, amigos!

Please pray for:

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