Costa Rica '98

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

1 John 3:16-24

Same schedule as Monday

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Elba has been the director of the child care center for 26 years. We think she must have started when she was 5.

112 children are in the September 15 Day Care Center, one of 3 operated by the Roblealto Childcare Association. 12 were under the age of 2. These are children of a working parent(s), most of which have difficult backgrounds of violence, abuse, homelessness; often innocent victims of alcoholism and/or drugs.

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You've got to see these kids.

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The kids are very interested in Bible stories.

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Joseph (Bennie) with his multi-colored coat (T-shirt).  Notice the evil brothers (Eric, Sheri, & Nola) in the background.

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Their faces tell the story of their love.

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Still painting.  Caesar and Mario did a wonderful job on the roof.

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Oh, yes, the crafts. The kids loved to decorate the T-shirts.

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Eric is having a good time and is staying within the lines.


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Nola giving her testimony at the church.

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Rick speaking at the evening meeting with the home-group leaders.

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At last, Nola got to get in touch via e-mail.

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