Costa Rica '98

Monday, July 6, 1998

1 John 4:7-21

Daily Schedule
8:00 arrive at daycare center
8:30 kids devotional
9:00 work
12:30 lunch
1:00 crafts for ages 6-12
2:00 prepare
2:30 Bible hour
3:00 crafts for ages 3-5, English as Second Language ages 6-12
4:00 cleanup
4:30 team time
6:00 Host family pickup

j0615sep.jpg (19292 bytes)

The childcare center we will be working at all week.

j06rock.jpg (26580 bytes)

Yes,Yes,Yes. We hauled three truck loads of gravel to the playground.

j06paint.jpg (21343 bytes)

Even Christl's shirt matched the paint. Or Karen mistook her for a pole in the playground.

j06esl.jpg (17761 bytes)

Nola even taught English to some of the big kids(staff).

j06sheep.jpg (12492 bytes)

Crafts were well planned. This lamb even has a magnet on the back to put it on a refrigerator or cabinet.

j06bag.jpg (18198 bytes)

Each one was enjoyed by the children. This craft is a church made from a paper sack, which will hold all the crafts for the week. It will be given to the children on parents' night.

j06sing.jpg (16259 bytes)

If you think singing is Spanish is hard then try doing it with the hand motions also.

j06good.jpg (14834 bytes)

Good thing the Good Samaritian had a first aid kit. Bible stories were pantomined, narrated with immediate translation. Two of the team spoke fluent Spanish and often narrated or translated.

j06avd.jpg (19204 bytes)

John is reunited for a day with daughter Amanda, who has been working all summer in missions in Costa Rica with Christ for the City. Amanda was on the team last year.

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